Quality Guarantee & Terms

Quality is Guaranteed

–     All work completed is structurally guaranteed for 10 years.

–      All waterproofing is conducted under Ardex certified approval and Australian/New Zealand standards 3740 and 3858 is guaranteed for 10 years.

Your entire bathroom renovation includes:

•    All preparation, site insurances, use of qualified tradesmen
•    Application of Enduroshield protective coating for a 90% easier to clean shower
•    Professional clean & presentation of your new bathrooms
•    100% Unconditional structural & waterproofing integrity guarantee

100% No Risk – 10 YEAR Structural Integrity Guarantee
You are covered by our unconditional 10 year guarantee for the structural integrity of your bathroom and floor. This means that should the wall or floor tiles become loose or come off due to defective workmanship, we will rectify the problem completely at our cost. We also offer a 10 year warranty on the waterproofing of your bathroom. This means that if water has damaged your timbers or walls and leaks from the shower after our waterproofing has been performed, we will rectify the defective work at our cost.


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