For Bathroom Renovations Canberra - Why Regal Bathrooms?

Your home is a space where you and your family need to feel safe and comfortable. Generally, it is also your largest and most valuable asset and likely to be the single largest purchase that you will make only a few times in your life.

Gorgeous porcelain tiling with frameless screen and wall hung vanity

Gorgeous porcelain tiling with frameless screen and wall hung vanity

Starting a bathroom renovation in Canberra is a considerable decision and one not to be taken lightly. It is a pro-active step to enhance your surroundings, improve the quality of life and create a beautiful space that your friends and family will enjoy for years to come. Apart from the obvious lifestyle benefits, investing in your Canberra home will serve to protect your asset and will give you the security of increased value. This is why a bathroom renovation done properly, with attention to the right details is an investment that can and will have a significant impact on your most valuable asset.

Within the spectrum of a bathroom or kitchen renovation there is a great window of opportunity. There is also the danger of under capitalising and the most obvious pitfall of over capitalising. To get the maximum benefit from your bathroom renovation in Canberra, it is the attention to detail that will see the most significant improvements in value. When it comes to multiplying value of your capital input, one of the hidden dangers is not spending that little bit extra on the significant and most memorable features to achieve WOW status. Creating memorable WOW features draws attention to the quality of the workmanship and the attention to detail that has produced the quality finish of your bathroom renovation.

This is how you achieve the multiple return on your investment and the significant increase in your valuation. Also, the WOW features will increase the demand for your home if you ever decide to sell it. It is this attention to detail and expertise that Regal Bathrooms will bring to your renovation to create a beautiful space and a stunning bathroom that you and your family will enjoy and be proud of.

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A Bathroom Renovation To Sell Your Canberra Home

If you have ever thought about selling your property at some point, restoring your home’s

Vertical freeze tile and chrome framed pivot door screen on a Canberra bathroom renovation

Vertical freeze tile and chrome framed pivot door screen on a Canberra bathroom renovation

kitchen, bathrooms and laundry is most important as these rooms either sell a house or leave it on the market month after month with no interest. Prospective buyers want a house they can move into and not have to do a thing to, therefore the wet areas of the home, typically the most expensive, and commonly used rooms of the house must be a showpiece.

It has often been demonstrated that people will decide to buy one house over another because the bathroom had better inclusions and or the kitchen was newer. It is all about buyer appeal when you are preparing a house for sale. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy these beautiful new rooms for a while yourself? Not all houses are selling, as there are many more on the market, providing greater buyer choice. When you embark on selling your home in the near future, you will be competing with a large number of homes in your area. Buyers will select homes which are well presented with quality inclusions in the first instance.

Imagine your home being for sale at the same as your neighbour’s and they had also refurbished their home, except they went the whole nine yards and included a heated towel rail, beautiful shower head and tap ware, and a frameless shower screen in their bathroom and the much desired stone bench top in the kitchen, and you didn’t? Their house would have the extra appeal and hence be more likely to sell, even though the better finishes included in the bathroom renovation were only about an extra thousand dollars or so?

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