The Regal Bathrooms Design process:

The details we pay close attention to which make the difference:

    • Setting a Standard: So you get the best possible finish in your home we take the time to complete the job PROPERLY, without rushing. That way the work is completed to the highest possible standard the first time.
    • The Highest Quality Finish: This starts with fresh surfaces & Wet-seal guaranteeing that the foundation of the work is sound. Preventing water leaks and long term water damage to your home. Your walls and therefore tiles have a brand new, solid base as the foundation, ensuring that everything is level, with a pristine surface ensuring that your tiles will be well bonded, giving you the best possible quality finish.
    • Planning & Design Process

      Planning & Design Process

      Adhesives: Appropriate adhesive why and how: Many tilers use the cheapest tile adhesives to economize on the cost of their materials. Regal Bathrooms only use the best products which offer a 10 year guarantee, which is why we are confident and happy to guarantee our work. You receive only the best quality materials available. You can rest assured of a quality workmanship every single time, giving you peace of mind.

    • Grout: Did you know there are 2 types of grout? Quarry sand – the cheap stuff that breaks up and falls out after 2 years and the commercial grade adhesive grout the bonds and locks your tiles in place, that is guaranteed to last. We only use a lab tested polymer blend of grout with flexible properties which boosts the durability of your tiling, ensuring a lifelong finish.
    • Colour matching: We sit down with you one on one and go through all the grout colour selection options and give recommendations on colours and shades to get the perfect blend that’s right for your bathroom.

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    • Anti-mould and mildew grout additive – Makes cleaning a breeze and helps to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew
    • Trims for a stunning finish! You have the choice of having a mitred corner finish for a cleaner look and we gladly go that extra mile so your bathroom looks seamless and stunning
    • MOULD RESISTANT Silicon – Heavy duty flexible sealant which is both durable and anti-fungal and mould resistant.
    • Tile protection to Finish: To complete and finish every bathroom we apply The EnduroshieldTM tile and shower screen protection. This will keep your shower and tiles looking brand new for longer and will save up to 90% of your cleaning time your shower cell, and lasts up to 10 years!

It is this attention to detail that makes the difference between a ’tiling job’ and a stunning result

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